Strategic Planning

A Strategic Plan is a critical document designed to guide the activities of an organisation.

It provides a 'roadmap' for the future and ensures that all stakeholders are heading in the one direction.

The planning process should achieve the following objectives:

  1. Clarify the Vision and Mission of the organisation
  2. Clarify Values
  3. Clarify an organisation's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  4. Determine Key Performance Areas (Objectives and Initiatives)
  5. Outline Key Targets/ Priority Areas
  6. Develop an Action Plan

At Momentum, we adopt a collaborative approach to Strategic Planning. All stakeholders are provided with an opportunity to be involved in the process. This guarantees that the final plan is balanced and reflects the objectives of the organisation as a collective (and not a vocal minority).

Various methods are used in this regard (meetings/ focus groups/ surveys and workshops). This is important to ensure 'buy in' from relevant parties.

Our Planning Process

Relevant literature and data is necessarily reviewed and considered as part of the planning process together with the objectives of various bodies such as state sporting organisations, local leagues, local Council and funding bodies (such as State and Federal Government).

This ensures that identified priorities are achievable and aligned with the objectives of key stakeholders.

Various matters typically considered as part of our planning process include:

  • Governance and management
  • Finances and fundraising (including grants and sponsorship)
  • Facilities/equipment
  • Volunteer workforce
  • Sport specific issues
  • Culture, values and critical issues

Importantly, planning packages can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

We also offer review and monitoring workshops to assist in keeping your organisation on track.

Related Strategic Planning Services

Matthew recently assisted the Albany Creek Swim Club with the development of its strategic plan for the next five years.

Matthew's focus, passion and enthusiasm were evident to all of the club's committee members in attendance during the planning workshop. The resultant thoroughness and quality of the finalised strategic plan surpassed all of the committee's expectations.

It was a pleasure to work with Matthew and I would highly recommend Matthew and Momentum Sport Recreation and Health Consultants to any other sporting club or organisation in need of his services.

John Redd, President, Albany Creek Swim Club

Make It Happen: Get a strategic plan for your organisation

Service Areas

Strategic Planning

Our planning services assist clients in developing strategic planning documents to guide the future direction of their organisations.

Grant Writing

We have secured in excess of $80 million for clients from a variety of sources with a success rate of approximately 90%.

Project Management

Our project management (administrative) services allow our clients to maintain focus on core business activities.

Government Liaison

We assist clients in dealings with government including planning assignments, preparing documents and/or issue resolution.

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