Government Liaison

We are regularly engaged to assist clients in dealings with government.

Such engagements include:

  • Planning assignments
  • Strategy advice
  • Preparation of documents for presentation to government
  • Issue resolution

In recent times as administrative requirements for clubs has become more burdensome we have noted an escalation of need in this area. Common issues expressed by clients:

  • Unsure how to approach local government (appropriate contact, methodology, process and requirements)
  • Unhappy with local government relationship
  • Unable to progress matters at various levels of government due to complexity/ red tape
  • Uncertainty as to obligations with relation to leases/ sub-leases etc
  • Need for assistance in preparing 'Expression of Interest' documents in order to secure tenure
  • Need for assistance in completing documentation to satisfy Council requirements as per tenure agreements (e.g. development plans, sustainability audits and business cases)
  • Uncertainty as to processes / requirements when dealing with State Government and Federal Government particularly with relation to referral coordination processes and/or funding matters
  • Confusion/ frustration as a result of issues that have stagnated
  • Uncertainty as to how to progress town planning matters and building projects
  • Uncertainty as to how to access/ work with online systems

Momentum works with clients to simplify and demystify dealings with government.

We seek first to understand the issue and various viewpoints (including those of government bodies) before formulating a strategy. We then go to work at finding a solution.

In many cases our involvement in this area results in better relationships, clearer communication, an improved understanding of requirements and defined framework/ parameters.

You have contributed so much to sport on the Peninsula both within the Council re policy decision and planning, and also with our many sporting organisations who I know will sorely miss your advice and support. We certainly have achieved a tremendous amount since you have been with us.

Your initiative of the budget funding for clubs has been an outstanding success and I am sure those clubs who benefited are extremely grateful. Your knowledge of grant funding will also be missed. I have enjoyed our working relationship and thank you sincerely for your efforts.

Cr Rita Smith, Former Deputy Mayor – Redcliffe City Council.

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Service Areas

Strategic Planning

Our planning services assist clients in developing strategic planning documents to guide the future direction of their organisations.

Grant Writing

We have secured in excess of $80 million for clients from a variety of sources with a success rate of approximately 90%.

Project Management

Our project management (administrative) services allow our clients to maintain focus on core business activities.

Government Liaison

We assist clients in dealings with government including planning assignments, preparing documents and/or issue resolution.

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