Governance services

At Momentum, we assist clubs in setting standards so as to ensure the effective administration of an organisation.

It is important that members of the Management Committee or Board operate as per the constitution or rules or collective wishes of members.

Good governance means providing direction and stable leadership. This is achieved through effective decision making in a transparent and accountable environment in the best interests of members.

Momentum works with clients to ensure that a good governance structure is developed and implemented.

Governance services that we provide typically include

  • Strategic planning
  • Constitution reviews and updates
  • Compliance and tenure related matters

Momentum has an extensive network within the sport and recreation industry. We are ideally placed to assist with strategic planning and governance matters.

The need to review and update a club's constitution to ensure ongoing appropriateness is an issue that regularly arises during Strategic Planning workshops.

Momentum through our legal partners can provide

  • Guidance with the drafting of model rules and constitutions
  • Assist with updates to existing constitutions that no longer reflect the sporting organisation's requirements

An initial meeting with club executives will identify the particular defects which can then be addressed with any related roadblocks removed to the extent that legislation allows.

Areas that are regularly considered as part of constitution projects include growth, membership, committee structure, voting, and fee arrangements.

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Service Areas

Strategic Planning

Our planning services assist clients in developing strategic planning documents to guide the future direction of their organisations.

Grant Writing

We have secured in excess of $80 million for clients from a variety of sources with a success rate of approximately 90%.

Project Management

Our project management (administrative) services allow our clients to maintain focus on core business activities.

Government Liaison

We assist clients in dealings with government including planning assignments, preparing documents and/or issue resolution.

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